Radio Program "Memória do Som"
Antena 2 (2007)

Sound’s Memory” | Radio Program Antena 2 (2007)

Memory is a faculty of mind that brings us to the most diverse experiences of the past sometimes fascinating, disturbing others, sweets, sour, bright, mostly distorted in our imagination nourished by the time.

The sound of one note can prevail endlessly in our memory. With this precious value the musician builds an entire aesthetic and a way of being. To assert itself. One and alone. Unrepeatable.

Memoria do Som” ("Sound’s Memory"), broadcast in 2007 at Antena 2 from the Portugal Radio and Television, is a simple tribute to the beauty. We can achieve the beauty through many ways because the diversity of paths which the mind discovers and invents. Here, the guitar, that fragile and intimate instrument sung and transfigured through the history of the Mediterranean culture, is more than a bridge between the performer and the creative spirit who guides us through the meanders of his art.

These 25 programmes made on the 20th anniversary of Andres Segovia pass the way is also a tribute to him, a prominent personality in the history of the instrument.

Piñeiro Nagy January, 2011

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